1. Overview

1) Name: Changer

2) Ticker: CNG (Token Contracts)

3) Total Supply: 200,000,000

4) Format: ERC-20​ (Ethereum)

5) Token Claim: Vesting Portal (Claim Guide)

6) Token Icon: Download

8) Exchanges: [CEX] MEXC / Altpro [DEX] allswap

2. Distribution (Monthly Schedule)

3. Audit

Download the Full Changer Contract Audit Report by Certik

// Smart Contract Info for Changer
// Type: Ethereum ERC-20

From October 2021, DFX Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean corporation that developed Changer, and Chain Partners Inc., DFX's parent company located in South Korea, underwent 3rd party legal review by Renaissance, a law firm specialized in digital assets, whether Changer complies with the capital market laws and whether Changer is security tokens or sort of stock, based on Changer's whitepaper and business plan.

As a result, DFX Pte. Ltd. and Chain Partners Inc. received a 16 page long legal review that confirms Changer is neither security tokens nor stock on November 2nd, 2021. Whenever Changer is to be listed on the exchanges, this report will be submitted. This legal report that contains lawyers' verification will be open to anyone who wants to read.


Digital assets are not legal tender and carry the risk of principal loss upon purchase. Changers are not securities such as stocks, bonds, or investment contracts and do not grant any rights to alliance products or operating entities. The purchase or holding of Changer should always be exercised with caution, and DFX Pte. Ltd. and its affiliates do not guarantee principal or provide any financial guarantees or warranties. All responsibility for the purchase and holding of tokens lies solely with the buyer. Changers are not linked to the success or failure of any business beyond simple marketing and promotional purposes.

The token overview, utility, manifesto, and circulation data are for reference purposes only and are not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate to anyone. All information presented here is subject to change without notice based on market conditions, regulatory environments, and business success or failure. The token circulation data is based on information available to the issuer, but it may not be accurate depending on the time of assessment and the aggregation method, and is therefore not guaranteed or warranted.

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